New and Innovative Products Must be Well Branded

Private label imported products are growing in popularity but not all importers understand the benefits of a good branding strategy.

Here is why you should make the effort to get your imported products branded with your labellings:

  1. Uniqueness – there can be lots of no brand or unknown manufacturer branded products in the market. It is important to differentiate your product and emphasise its benefits over the lower end of the market
  2. Protect your import business – consider trademarking your brand. Once your product begins to sell well and gain market recognition, a trademark will prevent competitors from copying your products with labeling
  3. Price premium – build your brand as one known for quality and good service. People will pay more for a product that they understand to be higher in quality and service
  4. Channel control – major retailers are well known for developing own label products designed to be very similar in appearance to recognised branded products. A strong branding strategy will help customers differentiate a brand from the store label product
  5. Improve recall of your import export business – “Where did you get those shoes?” A well branded product will help drive website traffic to your online store and word of mouth market
  6. Great for social media – you get less than a second to make an impression using social media. Make sure the potential customer sees a brand they can identify with and easily recall

We specialise in developing your own branded products to import and sell in Australia.

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