There are three steps to test and choose a suitable manufacturer, when importing product from China . Here is small part of our product sourcing strategy that our clients learn. 


1. Sampling Imported Product

When we inspect shortlisted manufacturers for you in China, we obtain samples on your behalf and send via air or ship back to Australia.

We strongly encourage our clients to sample from multiple manufacturers and do quality and market testing of samples to determine product suitability.


2. Several Trial, Low Order Quantities

Rather than jump in with a large commercial order after sampling, we encourage our clients to do trial orders to test manufacturers. This way you can test manufacturer’s people and processes to see if you can work with them in the long run.

Manufacturers in China may agree to lower run orders and flexibility in terms and conditions if they can see a long term mutually profitable partnership.

We can help to negotiate better terms and conditions from manufacturers for you, here is why:

  • Chinese negotiators with extensive clothing sourcing experience work on your behalf
  • We understand why supply issues occur and where corners are cut


3. Order Commercial Quantities, When You Are Comfortable

After several months of selling low order quantities and working through supply and quality issues with manufacturers, you can now order commercial quantities with confidence in your supply chain and a good grasp of what customers want and what they are willing to pay.

To learn the complete process for selecting and working with manufacturers in China, and achieving consistently high product quality, take a look at My Import Label’s import export learning program.

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3 Steps to Testing and Choosing Manufacturers in China
My Import Label
Testing and Choosing Manufacturers in China