taking your product label to China

How to Manufacture your Products in China

Taking your product label to China for commercial production is an important step in producing the big quantities that retailers require.  

There are a range of factors to consider, so it’s critical to understand the challenges before you dive into your first commercial order.


Top Five Keys to Success – Manufacturing your Product Label in China

  1. Low risk approach – sampling and testing your supplier and continuous quality is critical. Start with multiple samples and trial orders before you commit to a commercial order. You will pay extra per product, and it will not be as cost effective to ship and clear but the upside is greatly decreased risk and an opportunity to iron out production and quality issues. A low cost, low risk approach is a central part of our import export training and courses
  2. Think long term – Chinese suppliers love to hear from us when we contact them about potential new clients in Australia for their products, however their interest can quickly slide when we talk quantities of hundreds and they are talking thousands of products manufactured. Talk long term, discuss growing order requirements over 6-18 months and the supplier may start to see more return than the immediate order
  3. Start with ready made, work towards OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) production – if you are looking to start-up quickly, ready to go factory designs are much quicker to bring to market. An OEM job can take 3 times longer and also cost 3 times as much – so work on your custom OEM job as well.  Ready made products mean the manufacturer produces the identical product for another market and has trained staff, experience in production and equipment settings ready to go.
  4. Personal communication – don’t over rely on email. Pick up the phone, arrange a video Skype call. Email is a great supporting communication tool and useful for a paper trail. Always try to visit the factory and build a direct personal relationship with the owner and key staff.
  5. Choose a long term supply partner  – we share our supplier criteria checklist within our Black Belt emerging importer program. It details all checks and how to assess manufacturers, and is your essential guide for starting an import business


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How to Manufacture your Product Label in China

My Import Label 5 Keys to Success, taking your product label to manufacture in China