Opportunities for new import businesses

Import Opportunities for New Online Stores in Australia

Opportunities for Import Export Businesses Over 60% of Australian online sales are made from Australian online stores. So what are the major retailers really arguing about and more importantly, where is the opportunity for a new import business? Forrester…
Opportunities for new import businesses

Sell Imported Products Online – note Apple users

  Focus your Import Export Business on Mac Users It has been revealed (Roy Morgan Research) that a much higher percentage of Apples device users (Mac, iPad and iPhone) buy online than PC users, and spend more online. What does this mean…
Opportunities for new import businesses

Online Businesses not fulfilling Export Capability

The 2012 Sensis e-Business report was released recently and showed areas of opportunity for import businesses looking to export product   Importers Selling Online Here are the key finds we found:Online businesses in Australia sell the…
Opportunities for new import businesses

How to Start an Import Business - Structure?

As a rule of thumb, many importers choose to establish a Pty Ltd registered company, as sole trader and partnership structures do not offer enough legal protection for the owner(s). New Australian Consumer Laws place the onus of responsibility…
Opportunities for new import businesses

Import Export Business – Foreign Exchange Risk

For import export businesses, the strong Aussie dollar provides significant bargaining power when buying from China. The US dollar is the preferred currency for manufacturers in China and you will notice Chinese online suppliers quote in US…
Opportunities for new import businesses

Canton Fair - New Product Ideas

Upcoming event: Canton Fair – Guangzhou, China October 2012 Looking for new product ideas? The Canton Fair is China's largest import/export trade fair and boasts the widest variety of products and visitors. The event is so big,…