surf clothing labels imported

Kelly Slater is one of a number of surfers supporting a new type of surf stores – that won’t stock big surf clothing brands, but will stock new and emerging clothing labels. Read the full article here at the Australian Newspaper

The trend towards new surf labels is a fresh approach to the surfing industry which prides itself on its counter culture, but has been dominated by multinational brands that dominate every facet of the industry – from retail, surfer sponsorships and competitions.

What does this mean for a new aspiring clothing label? The surf sector is fresh ground! Shoppers are looking for unique products, new brands that are not mass marketed in every shopping mall in the country. Imported clothing is fairy typical of any label looking to boost MOQ above 500 units, which is a fairly good volume per style for emerging labels to target.

Chat to us about developing your import business clothing label and taking a slice of the multi-million dollar surf retail sector in Australia.