importing your shoe label from China

Learn how to import your own shoe label in Australia with a team that has sourced, imported and helped launch a range of fashion and functional shoes label.

  1. First decide on a style of shoe and a market niche – learn to differentiate your offering based on size, style or function
  2. Find suitable suppliers online – that meet your style, quality, and quantity requirements
  3. Get up to speed quickly – how to import and launch to market, what to do and when

Become an expert importer in just six weeks, and feel confident in every decision you make when setting up your import shoe label.

How to Import Shoes and Footwear?

Here are your major challenges for importing shoes:

  1. Commerce markings compliance you need to comply with Customs commerce markings requirements, which cover shoes and leather, among other things.  Negotiating the application of these commerce markings and getting samples that comply is essential
  2. Costs of freight and packing – shoes are notoriously uneconomical to ship and store, with wasted space when individually boxed. Work to minimise the cubic volume, but also be conscious of creating more work to pick and pack each order if you bulk pack
  3. Point of difference the online shoe market is highly competitive, while there is significant traffic to attract, you need to differentiate your offering and target long tail, niche keywords. To create that point of difference, you may need to develop and manufacture a product differentiation. Be mindful of the extra work to develop an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) shoe

Learn to develop your point of difference, establish your costs and sales margins and compliance requirements, with our specific learning modules and tools on these topics.


Why Start an Import Shoe Label?

Here is why it is a great time to set-up an import business to sell your own label shoes.

  1. The Colorado Group recently closed down 140 stores including Mather’s and Williams recently. Proof of the convergence from retail to online shopping for shoes
  2. The move to the online market by shoe retailers is slow. So there are certainly plenty of opportunities for a new import business with unique types of shoes to enter the market and grab a slice of market share
  3. Social media marketing is highly effective and a low cost way to build customer networks and find resellers of your shoes



Why Import Shoes and Footwear from China?

There is huge competition in the Chinese shoe manufacturing industry right now which means it’s a buyer’s market for importers.

Here is why shoe manufacturers in China are striving for your business:

  • The EU is imposing higher tariffs on the import of Chinese leather footwear because of claimed product dumping onto that market. This forces Chinese shoe manufacturers to focus on other markets, like Australia
  • The industry in China is facing some considerable pressures which is also driving competition, with capital hard to access, and higher wages and raw materials.

China produces more than half the world’s shoes from over 25,000 factories. A rough estimate is possibly only 20% of shoe factories in China produce for export. Of the companies focussing on export, it is reported that only around 10% are exporting Chinese brands meaning than 90% of exports are private labelled for overseas customers.

Shoe production is focussed in two key centres – Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province and in Guangdong Province, particularly around Dongguan and Guangzhou.


More Help?


How My Import Label can help you Start a Shoe Label?

  1. Learning – learn how to import and launch before you start, then a step by step guide for six months while you set-up
  2. The tools – online store software, templates and checklists set-up for you, to make your task easier
  3. Optional support – access from experienced and qualified professionals, without any lock in

We have specific experience setting up shoe labels and provide you the tools and know to import and launch, without the high start-up cost burden.


How much do you need to Start an Import Shoe Label?

There are three different stages for starting up, that we can help you navigate:

  1. Get samples and test, while you build a customer audience and get feedback
  2. Commit to a low volume order and get quick sales with a variety of online channels including your online store and EBay, marketing with social media
  3. Grow beyond Minimum Order Quantities and import multiple styles with up to five different size ranges


Like some help? Learn with us, or work with us as you work through the import and launch process.

By Ben Crawford

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