How to Start an Import Business in Six Steps

How to Start an Import Business in Six Steps

Here are the steps to find, develop, import and launch a market leading product to start your import business. Get your product right and everything else will fall in line.

Three keys to success

  1. Focus on developing a great product – don’t try to DIY expertise in everything from sourcing, shipping and selling (we now help you with this)
  2. Speed to market – launch quickly and develop a unique market positioning – don’t get bogged down in product development
  3. Become profitable more quickly – avoid lump sum costs and work with qualified professionals with proven expertise

14 day money back guarantee – the know-how and tools to get quick returns then scale up quickly


Here are the six steps, broken down and explained for how to get started with your own import business:

1. Assess Your Product Idea

Learn to evaluate products, margins and risks:

  1. How to select products – profitable with moderate risk
  2. Leverage your brand – for more sales and better margins
  3. Evaluate the online market – know what is hot and how best to reach buyers

2. Supply and Sales Markets

Learn to evaluate suppliers, markets and costs:

  1. Evaluate suppliers – how to shortlist, assess legitimacy and suitability to task
  2. Determine costs and prices – calculate landed cost, cost to customer and forecast margins
  3. Markets and buyers – learn which sales channels will deliver volume and margin

Now you can start to use the checklists, templates and tools to make your task of setting up easier.

3. Develop your Product Prototype

Learn to develop your product and improve its marketability:

  1. Develop your product – take a sample and transform it into the premium product you envisioned
  2. Negotiate product quality improvements – negotiate commercial production of the premium product
  3. Build your online audience – develop a customer audience for early sales and critical product feedback

4. Protect your Business

Learn how to protect your business, ideas and market share:

  1. Minimise the flight risk of your designs being reproduced
  2. Protect from illegal import of your product label
  3. How to enforce supplier agreement to your terms

5. Import your Products

Learn how to place a commercial order, pay for quality product and ship to your doorstep:

  1. Pay only for production that meets your quality requirements
  2. Protect your payment and leverage it to achieve compliance with your terms
  3. Import and ship to your doorstep and navigate clearance requirements

6. Launch your Products to Market

Learn how to launch your product to market and develop multiple sales channels

  1. Launch to market online with a ready customer audience
  2. Minimise returns and increase customer receptiveness to your product
  3. Set-up for wholesale and export sales markets

If you want the best chance of succeeding, then it’s best to do it right. In six weeks you can become an expert importer and will feel confident in every decision you make in the business.


Learn to import from any market, and you can leverage the benefit of low cost premium products into high cost markets. Innovative Australian businesses import from and export to markets all over the world. The key is to understand how to import and launch, so you can apply those skills to any product, and any market.

We don’t make outrageous claims of what you might earn and the lifestyle you can achieve – you can work that out for yourself. We provide you with the resources to do the job properly, backed by our experience and qualifications.

How Much does it Cost to Start an Import Business?

You have all the know-how and tools for less than $500. With a modest budget, you can start sampling, building a customer audience online and moving small volumes of product before you commit to a commercial order. This is our lean start-up philosophy, test your products, the market and supplier capability first.

Once you have done that, you can proceed to larger orders because you know what the market will pay for your product, and what your supplier capability truly is.

What you Need to Start your Import Business

Create an account and start the program. You then have a support program with 12 months access while you are setting up.

If you are wondering what type of import business fits your needs, risk profile and products, we have a specific learning modules explaining your options, including:

  1. Start-up tips from a CPA Accountant
  2. How to create a memorable business name and set-up foreign exchange account
  3. How to brand your products and register your brand as a trademark

How your Import Business will Benefit with My Import Label

The critical decisions made in the planning and launch stages impact the long term profitability of your products and import business.

Empower your decision making by learning from our team of experts that have set-up numerous product brands and import businesses:

  1. Online learning – become an expert importer quickly with a guide through each step of the process
  2. Webinar coaching – interactive coaching sessions for feedback on your products and import business
  3. Ongoing support and advice – continuing access to the program, including all updates and member services

Deciding Products – Import Business Tips

Got a great product idea, but not sure where to get it made and how? Perhaps you have seen the product online, and need to make a few small changes to it.

Our Import Support Programs provide you with:

  1. Tips to launch quickly and avoid drawn out product development cycles
  2. How to decide suitable products – ready to go product, ODM (Original Design Manufacture) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture)
  3. Determining which suppliers are best suited for different product types

Need help deciding products – we now help with that. Our Commercial Importer Program now helps you work out your next product in your sector. Only catch is – you must be prepared to travel.


We help you to:

Import any product, from any market
Innovate your products
Scale up and import in volume


Make it Happen. With A Little Help