Once before it was difficult to sell your import label direct to the customer and be a wholesaler, but not anymore. With the explosion in online shopping, wholesalers across all industries are increasingly selling online direct to the customer and using their online store to market to retailers and manage retail customer orders.


Five Tips When Selling your Clothing Label Retail and Wholesale

Here are a few of the areas we address in import training and coaching:

  1. Sales made per region – sales agents spend time selling and marketing your product in their sales territory, so they may want to know about (and receive commission for) sales made online in their territory
  2. Consistent pricing – retailers may want to know you are not undercutting their prices online
  3. Be careful with cross promotions – retailers may also be concerned about converting their customers to your online store by using special incentives
  4. Communicate with your retailers – they will often have their own online stores, and may not carry all of your product lines so take the time to learn where there are gaps and overlaps in offerings
  5. Duplicate marketing spend – take the time to learn about the marketing and cost incurred by your retailers or sales agents – especially online. If they are spending money on keywords for your product lines (pay per click and SEO), think carefully about whether you need to also target those keywords also or can combine strategies and target other similar keywords

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Selling your Clothing Label – Wholesale or Online?

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