Focus your Import Export Business on Mac Users

It has been revealed (Roy Morgan Research) that a much higher percentage of Apples device users (Mac, iPad and iPhone) buy online than PC users, and spend more online. What does this mean for your import export business? Your website/online store must be tested with Mac devices, as customers using these devices are high value customers. The figures were 51% of Mac users shop online (compared to 37% using PC’s), and they spend 19% more than PC users also.


Online Stores that are Multi-Device Compatible

When building client online stores, we set-up Google Analytics for you so within a few clicks you can see what percentage of online store visitors are using Apple devices.  We now also use an approach and technology called Responsive Web Design so your store responds to the devices the user is viewing with. Among the array of brands that produce smart phones, tablets, laptops, Macs and PC’s, there is a huge variation in screen width and size, the last thing you want is any store visitor not being able to view your website properly.

Apple users on average spend 87% more, and 24% of iPhone users make a purchase within a four week period, compared to just 5% of Samsung smart phone users.


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