Australian business leaders in China are upbeat about the Asian country’s economy even after the recent power transition in Beijing, and see further growth in terms of China-Australia business cooperation.

A recent survey showed that Australian businessmen in China are optimistic that the Asian Century will usher into an era of more opportunities for Australian businesses. This bodes well for businessmen who are looking to import from China to Australia.

Australia China Business Perceptions Survey

Developed for the Australian Chambers of Commerce in China and Austrade, The Australia China Business Perceptions Survey showed that majority of Australian businesses with operations in China are upbeat about the Asian country’s economy and expressed that it will open doors for expansion.

69 percent of respondents are positive about China’s economy while 66 percent are optimistic about their own companies’ growth. Over half of the respondents indicated that they are likely to expand in China despite increase in costs there.


Chinese Import Export

Late last year, then Prime Minister Gillard talked about the “Asian Century” which she says Australia must take advantage of to drive further growth for its economy.

The Asian Century Policy, which outlines 25 objectives, will be Australia’s blueprint in the coming years. If these objectives are met, said Gillard, a huge chunk of Australia’s economy will be tied with Asia, about one-third of total.

With the continued growth of the Asian giant’s economy, importing from China to Australia comes as a promising venture for Australians who plan to ride this wave of business opportunities brought about by closer economic ties between the two countries.