The 2012 Sensis e-Business report was released recently and showed areas of opportunity for import businesses looking to export product

Importers Selling Online

Here are the key finds we found:

  • Online businesses in Australia sell the majority of their goods to customers in the same town
  • 27 per cent of small businesses reports some export sales
  • Only 5 per cent of online businesses reported export sales as a major sales channel 


Online Marketing

  • 62 per cent of small businesses had a website
  • Social media is used by 27 per cent of businesses
  • Really interestingly, just 15 per cent of businesses had a digital business strategy

This is how we interpret the report:

  1. Export sales are not actively pursued by online sellers, there is plenty of scope for online businesses to target customers in overseas markets
  2. The use of digital marketing is low, indicating there is good value investing in SEO to achieve organic search rankings on Google
  3. Local marketing strategies are the most effective; however there is plenty of scope to increase online sales across Australia, regardless of where your online business is based

Our team specialises in export market development with vast experience working for and advising to exporters in Australia that are selling consumer goods, natural heath products, fashion, industrial equipment and technologies for the mining sectors.

Online Businesses not fulfilling Export Capability

My Import Label Online Businesses not fulfilling Export Capability