Import from China via Ningbo
One province in China pulsates with economic activity and is considered one hot location to keep a close eye on when considering importing to Australia. Zhejiang, a coastal province, and its shipping hub, Ningbo Port, is already one of the busiest ports in China and with its increasing cargo throughput is now poised to overtake Busan as the fifth busiest container port in the world. 


Import from China through Ningbo

It’s easy to see why Ningbo is an ideal location when importing goods to Australia. Ningbo serves as a major shipping hub in China’s east coast and is surrounded by large manufacturers and SMEs engaged in the import-export business. The city breathes international trade. One local forwarder even quipped that 20% of the people living in the area owns a company engaged in exporting goods to many corners of the world. That may not be an accurate figure but it gives you the picture why you should import to Australia from Ningbo. The truth is, Ningbo connects goods to over 90 countries around the world, with container ships from 560 ports being received at this shipping hub.


Facts about Ningbo Port – Import Export

  1. In 2010, it posted the biggest growth in container business in the world
  2. Agencies for The Top 20 shipping companies of the world are present in the port
  3. It is the third busiest container port in mainland China after Shanghai and Shenzhen


Chinese Export Manufacturers and Major Port

The province of Zhejiang offers numerous advantages to businesses looking to import from China. One of which is ease in logistics. You can source from the many SMEs in nearby cities within the province and easily ship from Ningbo Port. There are several auto parts manufacturers spread around Taizhou and Wenzhou cities, garments makers in Ningbo, and a small commodity trade is flourishing in the city of Yiwu which posted 35% in exports in 2010 amounting to $2.8 billion. All of these cities near Ningbo port abound with potential suppliers for a sustainable import business in Australia.


At a time when costs are increasing in China, and importers are finding manufacturers in other markets, Ningbo is continuing to boom.

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