We are supplier independent and offer impartial advice to improve your business model and profitability

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You profit from our experience. We have set up plenty of new product lines for clients, sourced from all over the world. Every decision and issue you face – we have tackled and overcome.

Working with us, you have the advice and knowledge to succeed. If you want your own brand imported product range, then do it right, from the start with a qualified and experienced team. We know and work with technology, health, sports, kids products,  general consumer goods and more.


We tell you how it is. We are supplier independent and offer impartial advice to improve your business model and profitability.

The growth of online resources like Alibaba.com changes everything. You might not need a sourcing company to find suppliers and manage your order, however supplier directories carry risks and there is now much more responsibility on your shoulders.

The most common areas we help clients are:

  1. Product innovation and quality
  2. Supply chain improvement
  3. Customer fit and wholesale


Qualified, expert advice guiding you along the path to bring your product to market. Empowering you with the capability and confidence to import and launch almost any product, from any market. Sure you can do it all yourself, or you can lean on our experience and do it much more profitably.


  • Validate

    Make sure the product stacks up before importing

  • Innovate

    The best available product in the market

  • Negotiate

    Preferred quantities and better pricing

  • Prevent

    Other suppliers from copying your products and ideas

  • Implement

    Our techniques to improve product quality

  • Avoid

    Critical mistakes made on purchase order

  • Save Time

    With tools and templates ready to use

  • Launch

    Faster than your competitors

  • Leverage

    Your own brand products for channel control

  • Start Importing

    On a micro budget and scale up quickly

A logical, step by step process. What to do and when, so you focus your efforts on the right task, at the right time.

Expert personal advice, backed up by a cutting edge online learning resource that you can access at any time of the day or night.

Cut the time and effort you spend trying to overcome every challenge yourself. Product selection, supplier negotiation, importing and product strategy – among other areas.

What you learn is not DIY for one or two products, it’s based on the experiences of hundreds of successful companies we have worked with. Importing is a specialist business skill.

This is exactly what we have done to import products, and coached businesses to do for years. All combined into a streamlined learning program and backed up by expert personal advice. Get up to speed and implement, quickly

You have the least experience at the very start, when you need to make big decisions that might impact you over the long term.

Those big decisions you make, like:

  • Is this product profitable, low risk, even worth importing?
  • Will this supplier give me consistent quality products and meet my needs?
  • Will this product sell, and how do I scale up in volume?

We give you context – the WHY. Based on what has and has not worked for us and our clients. We don’t push you into bigger orders and more spend. We focus on less risk, and greater returns.

As you are moving through the stages of importing your product you are referring back to the program and using the tools to select products, negotiate agreements and import more profitably.

Plus we offer a hands on support program while you are importing and launching.

Our Commercial Importer Program is offered to people wanting to develop custom, own label products. We provide specific coaching, feedback and advice over a three month period while you are implementing your import project.

  • Innovating market leading products
  • Negotiating product improvement with suppliers
  • Scaling up from online sales to commercial wholesale orders – boxes to freight containers
  • Leveraging your own brand to control the sales channel

When you need even more hands on help, we provide that too. Whether it’s verifying a supplier, checking a factory, shipping your order or taking it to market, we provide our clients with access to our established relationships for specialist support across your import business.

The choice to DIY or get support is completely optional. Sometimes its best to stick with what you are really good at – and let the experts do it for you.


If you’re serious about starting an import business, here is why you should consider My Import Label online learning experience…

Starting, running and ultimately realising a high level of financial success and personal autonomy from your own import business is a common dream.  However, far more common than the success stories are the numerous unpublicized tales of good business ideas that have failed…

For some, it’s because their good idea was starved for guidance on how to execute—especially in the early going when so many critical long-term decisions are made.

Others fail because they lock themselves into unprofitable business models or are overcharged by sourcing companies or seminar training providers that don’t hold the entrepreneur’s interests first.

And still more fail because of a lack of due diligence on their products and their markets, while others’ inexperience positions them to be taken advantage of relatively easily.

The good news is that there’s an easy course correction available for ventures into the import business that would otherwise be headed for failure thanks to the guidance, tools and personal support available from My Import Label’s Importer Programs.


My Import Label’s programs are a six-week/step, cloud-based import learning experience and training guide designed for start-ups, working entrepreneurs and small businesses that wish to import products from overseas factories to launch to market, preferably with their own label.

The course is designed to develop the knowledge capital required to actually succeed in the import business. Over the six step format, it covers the entire decision and task continuum from idea development to importing products all the way to through launch and sales channel development. It also provides a platform for continued growth into export markets.

Specifically, you will learn:

  1. How to competently evaluate products and suppliers from China and other countries you find on trade websites
  2. A step-by-step process for sourcing products from overseas manufacturers and launching to market
  3. Critical techniques for managing risk and maximizing profit margin throughout every step of your import and business operations
  4. How to develop wholesale and exporting sales channels
  5. Proven tips and advice for starting product brands and managing your import business


Inspired by the latest advances in online learning by the world’s most respected universities and educational institutions, the Import and Launch Programs let you turn wherever you are into your classroom, and you only pay for what you use/want.

The learning experience includes:

  • Online course materials with interactive tools
  • Importer community of peers – tackling tasks together and asking questions
  • Expert insights – from qualified industry experts in Australia

We now also offer personal webinar coaching, to give you a helping hand with more feedback and ‘how to’ support.


  1. The ‘start-up’ importer program includes a brief welcome chat and full online learning program – for $49/month
  2. The ‘business’ importer program includes welcome chat, full online learning programs PLUS two hour long personal consultations that you can schedule anytime after completing the online program – for $99/month
  3. The ‘commercial importer’ program includes welcome chat, full online learning program PLUS six x fortnightly hour long, personal consultations that you can schedule anytime after completing the online program – for $149/month

We deliver you an import assessment from our qualified team when you start for very program, to guide you in addressing the most important areas.


Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills to run your own import business. There are certainly other methods for starting one, such as contracting with a sourcing company or seminar training, but those kinds of relationships eat into your profit margin with high up front costs.

By leveraging the latest advances in online learning technology that is unmatched in the importing sector in Australia, we make it possible to efficiently and effectively transfer the relevant knowledge you need to do it yourself without incurring the potential huge costs of learning from mistakes as you go.


We are a team of highly experienced importers who for over 10 years have been personally importing and launching a range of product brands, and supporting clients to import and export. We have mapped every step of the process and automated it where possible with learning and software.

We now provide it to you with a low cost, interactive learning platform that you can progress through at your own pace. Our team is university qualified in international business, education, marketing, languages and information systems, and we have strong relationships with accredited customs brokers and shipping agents.

In addition, our training programs have been developed with the direct input of teaching professionals and a qualified accountant to ensure the highest quality learning experience and financial tools.


We have importers start the program that want to sharpen their importing skills to boost their profitability and speed to market for new products. Think of us as the key to streamlining a complete range of importer skills, with all the tools in one place.

The Programs are developed for all levels of users. It is a training guide from the idea stage to importing product through launch and development of multiple sales channels, including growth into export markets. Based on your level of currents skills we recommend:

  1. Start-up importer – for learning to trade ‘off the shelf’ from Alibaba to online
  2. Business importer – for developing your own label products
  3. Commercial importer – for customised products, new to market, with your own label


We are supplier independent, that means we are not trying to push you in one way or another, or trying to make money out of sourcing, freight and every other service. Our advice is impartial. In fact we have even advised clients NOT to import, when they can source a better product, at a reasonable price locally.

If you wish to DIY import, you can find high quality and very genuine suppliers on Alibaba.com and other trade websites. We have worked extensively with suppliers in China, and many of those suppliers are listed online. However finding suppliers is easy – negotiating the best deal and navigating the various risks can be quite challenging, and requires a degree of skill and experience.

The importer is still responsible for :

  1. Product evaluation and compliance; and
  2. Supplier evaluation and legitimacy
  3. Shipping, customs, import regulations and compliance

Our program fills your knowledge gaps quickly and enables you to use online resources like Alibaba more safely and effectively.


“I had already started importing. Now I am half way through and it has been worth every cent! There is so much valuable content and it’s straight to the point. I feel fortunate to have found MIL.


You have done an excellent job in helping me source/prepare & start up my small (import) business. I would not have been able to do any of this if I had not had your services and help with all the things involved in this process.


With the help of My Import Label I have been able turn my dream beachwear line into a reality.If you are looking at starting your own import business, then I would start with My Import Label today.


If I was to take this seriously I would need some serious help otherwise my idea would just stay as an idea. I recommend My Import Label to anyone in business needing help or wanting to start a business importing products



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