Trading with China Based suppliers always raises questions of consistent product quality. Pre-production inspections are one of a dozen different ways to improve product quality, as part of an overall risk management strategy. They mostly done by big importers with staff directly employed that buy direct from China. But why would you bother? 

Well provided your order size is large enough to make it worthwhile, they are a critical part of any importing risk management strategy, preventing product quality issues before they arise by ensuring manufacturing set-up is correct prior to commencing production.


Trade with China Based Suppliers – Quality Inspections

By doing a pre-production inspection, you are preventing rather than fixing production issues, including:

  1. Ensure your order is actually taking place in the factory – not outsourced to a smaller factory
  2. Correct production equipment is being used, and with correct specifications
  3. Materials as agreed are being used – correct grade and weight of materials
  4. The production ‘make ready’ is correctly done. The ‘make-ready’ includes the first dozen or so items produced, often this first batch of products is then assessed and if not correct, equipment settings or processes are modified.  Some Chinese manufacturers have been known to include the first batch in the order to save on materials and production time
  5. Preventing last minute price increases for unforeseen issues

Chat to My Import Label about checking out the factory first and pre-productions inspections prior to making payment with your chosen suppliers. 

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Trade with China Based Suppliers – Pre-Production Inspections
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