Checking if Your Imported Brand is Genuine

You can search online Chinese for suppliers and wholesalers and see well known branded products advertised. We are always asked “are the brands and suppliers legitimate?” Well based on our inquiries, in many cases the answer is no. The product is being distributed without the knowledge of the brand owner or is counterfeit.

And remember an important point here – the transaction you are making is an overseas transaction – it’s your responsibility to ensure the product you import from Chinese wholesalers complies with Australia laws and regulations.


Chinese Wholesale – How to Check Your Product is Genuine

So if you see a product being sold online that doesn’t appear to be endorsed by the brand owner – it’s a red flag issue. You need to take a few extra steps to ensure it won’t be destroyed or confiscated when you import it to Australia. Right now, the topic is pretty hot in China as the authorities there are again under pressure to meet intellectual property obligations, and clean up the country’s fairly poor record of product piracy.

Here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Ask the supplier if certified by the company, ask for a resale certificate and check the suppliers credentials in detail – a non-response is not a good indicator
  2. Ask us to check the supplier for you – we can do a supplier assessment and phone the supplier wholesaler in China for you, and assess their credentials by other means

The risk is if you go ahead and import products that may be counterfeit, the products may be destroyed, or you can be sued by the brand owner.


Chinese Wholesale Opportunities for Major Brands

There are opportunities to be found by parallel importing. We do get overcharged very frequently in Australia for branded products, so there are genuine opportunities for importing branded products at wholesale price from other countries. This is called parallel importing and while the laws are a little hazy, there are a number of successful online businesses selling goods that have been parallel imported.

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How to Check if Your Imported Product is Legitimate