Before you engage an import partner to get your idea off the ground, ask them the following:

  1. Do they have relevant qualifications? Importing and launching new products are a series of professional qualifications.
  2. Experience – can it be verified?
  3. How much does it cost all up? Watch for free videos that lead to $5k training packages

My Import Label team have verifiable experience, supporting hundreds of small businesses in Queensland to successfully export to almost 1/2 the countries in in the world, plus with qualifications in every service we provide. No spin, just the tools and know how to set-up profitably.

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Importing Seminars

The importing and online selling value chain is a series of professions (International business, negotiation, supply chain, customs broking, computer science and information systems), that require years of experience and qualifications. Large companies will only recruit highly trained and qualified staff, with tertiary qualifications and credible experience as essential. Of course small companies and start-ups don’t have that luxury, so they make do with the skills they have. My Import Label provides for small businesses and start-ups, a complete suite of highly experienced and qualified professionals to tap into.

It certainly is possible to import from china without paying loads of money to a sourcing company, however it is critical to get the right advice, from the right partner. So don’t let the coffee rush of an import seminar rob you of your common sense. Look beyond the spin – do they presenters have verifiable industry experience and relevant qualifications? DIY is not verifiable.

The key to importing from China is good advice from experienced and qualified professionals, a lot of hard work and not trying to do everything yourself. Think long and hard before you spend your hard earned dollars with an import partner that sells dreams but delivers expensive training packages.

Our approach when assessing import feasibility is to point out the facts and likely scenarios, because most of our clients require online stores and membership, we work with them long term. It’s a collaborative win/win approach. Our import export coaching and training packages help our clients to select better products to import and build more sustainable import businesses.

Importing Seminars and Training – What are you paying for?

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