Opportunities for new import businesses

Opportunities for Import Export Businesses

Over 60% of Australian online sales are made from Australian online stores. So what are the major retailers really arguing about and more importantly, where is the opportunity for a new import business?

Forrester research recently mentioned three critical sectors for online selling, with major retailers leading the move against GST free imports under $1000 being major sellers of these products

  1. Computing and electronics
  2. Appliances
  3. Clothing


Opportunities to Import Computing and Electronics to Australia

Importing electronics – the largest online product sector expected to reach $4.3 billion by 2015, the major retailers have enjoyed sound profits from computers and electronics retailing over the last ten years. Now faced with competition from online stores in Australia and overseas, they face a major loss of market share to online businesses.

New products we have identified in this sector include:

  1. In-car entertainment systems (internet, GPS, touch screen)
  2. Remote controlled helicopters and cars – 4 channel
  3. Portable gaming and media devices – white label
  4. Smart phone application accessories
  5. E-book and iPad alternatives – white label
  6. Branded and white label accessories – novelty speakers, USBs


Opportunities to Import Appliances to Australia

Once upon a time, that drill or toaster we bought would last years and years. Now because we pay a much lower price, and get lower quality we are not as surprised when our appliance breaks. However there are plenty of quality brands overseas that do not make their way to the Australian market and there are opportunities for new import businesses to secure distributorship agreements for the Australian market.

New products we have identified in this sector include:

  1. Stoves, gas and infrared cooktops and range hoods types and brand not available in Australia
  2. Small rotisserie ovens and combined appliances – unknown brands
  3. Boutique outdoor gas heaters and barbeques
  4. Robotic vacuum cleaners


Opportunities to Import Clothing and Fashion to Australia

Australian retailers are reportedly not yet selling large quantities of clothing online, and we are several years behind shoppers in the US.  Popular selling products suitable to online stores include:

  1. Custom design cycling jerseys with low minimum order quantities
  2. Custom design sporting uniforms
  3. Own label 100% cotton men’s business shirts
  4. Embroidered corporate shirts and work wear

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