Buying online from China appears to make importing easy. However what is not clear are your responsibilities and the steps you can take to reduce the risk of incorrect orders, legal hurdles, poor quality product and fraud. Online disputes have increased and in many cases the issues can be prevented and managed, if you start by doing due diligence of your supplier in China.

Pros and cons of buying online from China:


  1. Find products to import to Australia and check prices
  2. Identify where products are manufactured
  3. Identify import and supply issues early


  1. Dispute resolution when things go wrong
  2. Compliance with Australian laws, standards and payment of taxes (where applicable)
  3. Negotiating better terms and prices online


We provide custom product sourcing from China which includes checking out the suppliers met online and comparing them against offline suppliers

  1. Assess suppliers, product ranges and factories
  2. Compare against suppliers offline
  3. Work through importing the products and supplier management

You may not need to fly to China, hire an interpreter and navigate through the maze of supplier conditions and negotiations, but you do need to get external verification of the supplier before paying for product.