Google is the best search engine because it gets the best search results. That’s why it dominates 90% of the search engine market. Search engines including Google use a series of complex algorithms to assess a websites’ relevance to a search query, and changes to those algorithms can mean big changes in your search rankings, thus drastically impacting your marketing penetration.

So when changes are made, its big news for the online marketing community, and if you are looking to import and sell a new product and wish to do all your own online marketing, you better take note.

The latest updates have targeted two practices that import export businesses doing DIY SEO may get caught out with – keyword stuffing and link farming. When writing your website content don’t overload it with the same keyword repetitively. It’s not natural and Google will detect your site is over optimised. The second one has been a dying practice anyway, and it’s called link farming. We have all been spammed with "buy 300 links for $50 emails". Well needless to say those links are of such low quality that Google has decided that anyone it suspects of using these services will get penalised.

When we say penalised, it means your site gets struck back to Siberia – page 10 of search results and beyond – where no-one ever bothers to go.

Our coaching runs you through how to do basic SEO on your website/online store so you can understand what Google looks for, whether you choose to do SEO yourself, or whether you pay someone to do it.