The task is daunting, and everyday lots of fantastic ideas never get off the ground because the person never had the know-how to import and launch it to market, profitably. The idea moved on, or someone beat them to it.

Then once you start sourcing product, you run into infuriating, time wasting obstacles:

  • Suppliers that all claim to be the manufacturer, even though many have the same product images!
  • Suppliers that just don’t respond, or spam you every day hassling you to place an order
  • How do I sell it? How do you get traffic and compete with so many others?
  • Not sure if the product you have in mind is the right one – will it sell, and make you money?
  • Extra costs you had not budgeted, turning a good profit into a money losing venture
  • Finding the time, to overcome these obstacles, learn everything and move forward

You have the option to completely DIY and tackle it all yourself, but here is the problem:

  • Can you afford trial and error? When a single incorrect shipment has the potential to wipe your investment
  • Do you have the time? To become an expert, then import and launch your product quickly.


Take advantage of our vast experience helping importers and businesses work with international suppliers, and import with confidence knowing you have a strong foundation in the key knowledge areas required to be a successful import business.

Our low risk, high profit strategy will help you eliminate costly errors made by new importers and systematically tick off major risks and issues before they even place a commercial order. Ensure your start up capital is spent in the most efficient way and maximise profit by avoiding mistakes commonly made by new importers.

After 10 years of successfully importing and exporting, working with all kinds of business to profitably bring new products to market, we were tired of seeing people make simple mistakes and paying too much for help.

You just need to quickly become an expert importer, so every single decision you make will be profitable.


  • Budgeting

    Start with a modest budget and grow profitably – test your products, suppliers and customers before you place and order

  • Product Selection

    Cherry pick the best money making products – cost products, check restrictions and market potential in minutes. Choose the best products from among thousands

  • Validation

    Prove your product idea and save heartache – check off major risks and issues before you even place an order, and maximise your start up capital

  • Partnership

    Work with trustworthy suppliers that grow your business – quickly cross off the pretenders, and just focus on suppliers with low quantities and great quality products

  • Quality

    Create premium quality products that sell for more – step by step techniques to transform a generic sample into a market leading product

  • Save

    Save months from your set-up time – get your product market ready as fast as possible, and cut out endless sampling and thousands of supplier emails

  • Eliminate

    The risks that keep you awake at night – prevent the major importing risks that stop you from moving forward and kill your profitability

  • Optimise

    Make best use of your time – your most precious resource.

  • Channels

    Open up the channels that will deliver big volume sales – learn which channels best suit you and your products. Whether it is online retail, wholesale, export or a combination of

  • Reduce

    Cut your reliance on paid external experts – we have combined the expertise of sourcing companies, freight forwarders, product experts and digital marketers so you can DIY as much as you like



Access to Import Online Learning Course with over 80 modules from idea to launch


Help to find hot products in your sector. However must be prepared to travel

Supplier Selection Template used by sourcing companies to find, shortlist and rank suppliers

Product Checklist to evaluate if the product will be seized or signed-off by the authorities

Contract Agreement Template to outline the best practices when drafting a contract

Smarter Importing Report that unlocks the mystery behind highly successful products

Cost & Pricing Worksheet to work out costs and prices

Access to Import eBook a simple and effective guide to validate your product idea

Online Workshops and Unlimited Access to the platform that NEVER expires

Interactive Community of Importers – Exchanging Tips and Ideas

Mentor Sessions for Personalised feedback, coaching and support

Welcome Chat and Project Feedback Session2x Mentor Sessions 6 x Fortnightly Personal Sessions Over Three Months



Still unsure of what to do?

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