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Don't Be Evil

Regardless of why your business needs this kind of software, employee monitoring tools should be handled with the utmost respect for privacy. For admins, the power that accompanies this kind of software should necessarily surface concerns when it comes to handling confidential or personal data, overseeing managerial access rights over whom they can monitor, and maintaining a level of transparency as to what constitutes "work hours" and whether employees are aware they're being monitored.

The vast majority of the tools in this roundup include strict access controls that allow managers and supervisors viewing admin dashboards to see only the employee profiles and monitoring data of workers they are directly managing and authorized to see. When choosing an employee monitoring tool, another factor to consider is whether the software lets your business decide if the monitoring agents installed on company machines will be visible to employees, disguised under different app or process names or completely incognito. Some platforms let you turn agent visibility on and off and customize program names. However, in other platforms, a completely stealth agent is the default option.

This is also a key factor depending on compliance laws. In Europe, for instance, employers are required to notify employees if they are being monitored (this isn't required in the US). So, while employee monitoring agents are intended in many cases to run as stealthy, blended-into-the-background processes, don't discount the ability to configure visibility and privacy settings when you're researching which product to buy.

Consider the case of remote or telecommuting workers. While an employer may say there is no expectation of privacy on company machines, how do you handle the monitoring of a remote worker who's off the clock but still using their company laptop? Teramind, for example, allows remote employees who have a revealed (but not incognito) agent to press Start and Stop so that monitoring only happens while the employee is on the clock.

However, privacy features in these platforms should and do go beyond that. For example, DeskTime Pro and Time Doctor let admins choose whether to take regular or blurred screenshots to maintain more privacy. StaffCop Enterprise and Teramind let you build monitoring policies, either for specific users or company-wide, that designate websites or apps you don't want to monitor. So, if an employee logs into their Chase account to check their bank balances, then the agent can suspend monitoring and keystroke logging so as not to record sensitive financial data.The technology at work in employee monitoring tools can provide tremendous benefits to businesses through comprehensive oversight, data gathering, data reporting, and automation. When choosing the tool that's right for your organization, it's worth keeping Google's old slogan in mind while evaluating the monitoring features, customization, and powerful data gathering capabilities at your company's disposal: don't be evil.

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  • Hack Software to Spy on Text Messages Cell Phone, How to Spying a .. and tablets For people wanting to get information from an Android phone or tablet, .. logs, spy on text messages, or follow a device learn what is the secretly way to put a ..Employers can install (TheOneSpy software) on their company-given phones and tablets and start monitoring on employees in multiple ways. Employee ..
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AppTec360 Enterprise Mobility Management Review

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Pros: A broad product offering meets a variety of customer needs. Visually pleasing and customizable user interface.

Cons: Geofencing only on Android devices. Remote control requires Teamviewer.

Bottom Line: While it has a dependence on other products for full functionality, AppTec360 Enterprise Mobility Management still delivers a functional mobile device management platform at a very nice price.

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    Employee Monitoring

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    Your business has employees working out in the field, so you need to keep in touch with them. You provide them with company owned smartphones to make it easier for them to send emails, share files, manage projects and more. While your employees are supposed to perform only work tasks, they could be wasting valuable company time surfing social media sites or leaking sensitive company information. You need a way to protect your company from these costly activities.

    The solution is Mobile Spy employee monitoring software for cell phones. This advanced program is installed onto the company owned smartphone to log activities such as text messages, web history, GPS locations, social media and more. The employee monitoring software then sends the information to your private viewing account that you can access online from anywhere.

    So improve your bottom line and protect your company with the knowledge gained from a successful employee monitoring project. What you learn could very well save you from much hardship and loss. When you use Mobile Spy employee cell phone software you will be able to view cell phone activities such as:

    • Websites Visited
    • Apps Installed
    • Text Messages Sent and Received
    • GPS Locations
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