How to Select a Supplier on Alibaba

Can you Trust a Supplier from Alibaba?

Sorting through thousands of suppliers online in China forces you to differentiate on facts and images uploaded by the supplier. But if that import trade website cannot verify every single member’s details, then how are you really sorting through suppliers?

There are plenty of reputable export capable manufacturers online, but finding them requires skill and insight. We regularly help clients succeed in China by making phone calls and verifying information that just cannot be done from Australia.


Six Common Challenges with Alibaba and B2B Supplier Directories

  1. Supplier was not the manufacturer – but an agent or trading company. The most common issue for choosing between suppliers online, buying wholesale from china offers more risk and less control
  2. Outsourced production – suppliers can take on work that they have no intention of manufacturing in house, so it is outsourced to another manufacturer. If production is done outside the factory, then primary contractor is not in complete control of the manufacturing process
  3. Specialisation – we have inspected a factory in China for quality leather shoes but the majority of production was low quality kids booties. While the production line was impressive, it did not demonstrate a capability to produce a quality product with expensive materials
  4. Products had not been produced – the client had chosen the supplier based on a specific product posted online, but no one at the factory had any recollection of actually manufacturing it!
  5. Export vs. domestic production – production for different markets demands different styles, and qualities. Factories that can demonstrate consistent exporting from China to known brands in the EU or US, can most probably also produce to our requirements for the Australian market. If a factory only produces for the Chinese market, then there is  a big question mark over its capability to produce for the Australian markets
  6. Communication – if project managers are not fluent in English, then it will be difficult for our clients to work with them


My Import Label can help you start an import business and import from China, by providing the learning and tools to improve their skills then import and launch effectively.

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By Ben Crawford

My Import Label – Six Common Challenges with Online Suppliers from B2B Directories