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Australia lags behind other western markets in the online marketplace, making us a perfect target for importing of consumer electronics.  If you are looking to import consumer electronics to Australia, our program can support you to select appropriate products that meet regulations and meet market demands, choose better suppliers, and avoid costly mandatory standards that increase the time, risk and cost of starting up.


Why Import Consumer Electronics?

Importing consumer electronics to Australia is now a booming business given that there seems to be a high demand nowadays for electronic products.  Major retailers in Australia have enjoyed healthy profit margins for some time, so there is real opportunity to import and sell niche consumer electronics products for use in everyday life, business and leisure.


How to Start Importing Consumer Electronics

Importing any kind of goods into Australia needs to go through a certain government process.  The Australian Customs and Border Protection Services is the principal department tasked to deal with imports and exports.  Here are some of the important pointers to remember in starting a business of importing consumer electronics:

  • Make yourself aware of all the government regulations, laws, and policies before starting or planning your import business.  This includes clearance and duty taxes as well.
  • Obtain all the necessary permits.
  • Be sure to follow all the correct steps before importing any consumer electronics.  Failure to do so may result in your packages being hold by customs.  A bigger consequence will be breaking the law that could lead to forfeit of your packages.

Our program provides you all the information to assess where to go to get approvals, licences and standards


Assistance for Consumer Electronics Importers

The Australian government basically has various grants and concession schemes offered for the benefit of importers.  Here are some basic things about importers’ assistance worth knowing:

  • Tariff concession system will apply if there are no substitutable consumer electronics locally produced in Australia.
  • Tradex is where importers get to have exemption from Customs given that the imported consumer electronics will be used for export and not local selling.

Here are the usual products included in the consumer electronics category that are almost always usually imported:

  • Televisions
  • Projectors
  • Portable media players
  • Cameras
  • Portable camcorders
  • Home audio and cinema
  • Home entertainment system
  • Car entertainment system
  • Video players
  • Computers
  • Laptops

There are a small number of consumer electronics manufacturers in Australia today.  You can find the list of the current members in the Consumers Electronics Suppliers Association.  However, because of the hundred other manufacturers around the globe that might be offering a lower and more practical price and features, consumers are always on the look for new products overseas.


Starting an Consumer Electronics Import Business

If you have studied and learned all an importer has to know with regards to importing consumer electronics to Australia and you have the capital and your target market, we see no reason for you not to try the business. Importing consumer electronics from China in particular requires intimate knowledge of the sourcing process, which our programs provide you. You should definitely be driving to brand the the imported electronics with your own trademarked brand also, we provide our clients with extensive training as to why and how to do this.


Importing Consumer Electronics

There have been various studies done to determine if importing consumer electronics to Australia would be of more benefit to the ever changing and challenging Australian retail environment.  The recent major weather changes and production setbacks has definitely forced more retailers to start importing.  Because of the increasing demand and proven great outcome, more business-minded people are thinking of venturing into importation of consumer electronics to Australia.


by Ben Crawford

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