Import beauty and personal care products to Australia

This article tackles on everything you need to know for how to import beauty and personal care products to Australia for selling online, retail or wholesale.

There are hundreds of new products that launch to market every year from developing and western markets in the beauty and personal care products sectors. You may decide to become an Australian distributor for a newly launched product in the UK, US or Europe or look to China, India or Vietnam for newly manufactured products to develop under your own brand. Importing beauty and personal care products to sell online is a great part-time business opportunity for a mum, a second income for a family, or the start of a commercial beauty products import export business.


How to Order Beauty Products Online from Overseas

It is essential to check the list of ingredients before purchasing beauty and personal care products before they are imported to Australia, also if you intend to make health claims these must be able to be verified. In particular this applies to medicines, dietary supplements and herbal preparations. Therefore, checking that they adhere to the legal requirements for importation to Australia is essential; the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is the department responsible for regulations for beauty products.

Prohibited imports may be seized by Customs if they do not have prior approval to import and customs also have the right to destroy imported beauty and personal care to Australia if found to be prohibited, or ingredients not approved by the TGA.

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How to Import Samples of Beauty and Personal Care Products

There are rules to be observed when importing beauty and personal care to Australia just like any other goods. They are under Therapeutic Goods Imports along with medicines, cosmetics, herbal remedies, essential oils and sports and dietary supplements.

Most of these products may fall in the category of Personal Importation Scheme and individuals can import them legally and without approval of the TGA on the pretense that they will be used personally or by a family member and not to be sold to another person; that they are not controlled under quarantine stipulations of the Australian Customs; and that they don’t contain any controlled substance. The quantity should not exceed a 3 month supply, but this could apply to samples that you order to test your customer market.

If you need more supplies, you will have to apply for permission under the Special Access Scheme. If possible, you should keep these beauty and personal care imported to Australia in their original packaging along with any dispensing labels so they are easily identified and examined.


Traveler’s Exemption for Importing to Australia

If you import beauty and personal care to Australia that is deemed prohibited substances, they will be categorized under Traveler’s Exemption. You will then have to carry it yourself during your travel to the country and they should have prescription or written authorization stating that the said item is for you or a travel companion whom you are caring for. They must not be sold or supplied to another person. You will also need to declare them to Australian Customs Service.

Import Permits apply to those items which comprise one or more substance subject to import controls such as those with anabolic/androgenic substances, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, precursor chemicals, antibiotics and those with xylitol and thalidomide.

Quarantine Clearance is needed for products that have biological origin except for insulin. Before you import beauty and personal care to Australia, study the components and make sure they adhere to the rules of the TGA, Customs and Quarantine. If in doubt, phone these agencies before you import the product.


Tips for Importing Beauty & Personal Care Products to Australia

Be aware of the rules and regulations prior to importing beauty and personal care to Australia so make sure to examine your belongings ahead of time and do your research.  Some substances which are permissible in other countries may not necessarily be applicable to Australia, including those products advertised on trade websites. It is understandable that some personal care items are vital to your health. For that reason, obtaining prescription from your doctor should be on the top of your mind whenever you travel abroad.

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By Ben Crawford

How to import beauty and personal care products into Australia. My Import Label