Learn how to import from China to Australia

Australia has a standard of living as high as anywhere in the world. But the cost of shopping here is high – with imported food, electronics, clothing and tonnes of others products brought here from China, Malaysia and other markets much more expensive than other countries with the same standard of living.

Australia is one of the world’s most expensive countries in the world for everyday living expenses.

This opens a door of opportunity for shopping in China online—especially for low cost consumer goods. Customers are constantly looking for ways to save money and directly importing goods instead of buying the same goods from local retailers and wholesalers is a great market opportunity for start-up import businesses.

Online Shopping China

China and Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia manufacture consumer goods that are priced very competitively by world standards. These Asian countries are the ideal locations for importing goods to launch to market in Australia.

Some in-demand products and brands to import:

  • Consumer goods, notably shoes and apparel
  • Home wares and textiles
  • Consumer technologies
  • Industrial components
  • Niche sports
  • Children’s products
  • Hobby goods and supplies


China Online Shopping

Shopping online in China, and selling the goods using My Import Label’s import export online learning program is a win-win scenario for both the import business and Australian consumers.

1.    A win for online import businesses

  • Higher profit margins – learn to purchase direct from manufacturers in Asian markets
  • Lower overhead costs – run your business from home. No costly rent or retail staff

Our insider know-how and our proven systems will help you cut through the large knowledge gaps you face in order to succeed in the import business. You avoid the large risk of losing money by starting on your own.

2.    A win for consumers

Because of low overhead costs, you can afford to sell your items online at a relatively lower price compared to what is charged in actual retail stores

Shopping in China – The Risks

It is easy to think that an online shopping mall is as safe as buying from a local retailer. It isn’t, you have very little recourse if things go wrong and you as the importer have an obligation to make sure your product and supplier are legitimate.

Learn how to shop online in China safely and save money on shopping.


China Online Shopping – Low Costs Opens Up Opportunity
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China Online Shopping