Million dollar idea importing secrets

Do you want the insider import secrets from the team that have imported and launched successful fashion and technology product brands? A team that has helped hundreds of small businesses in Queensland to export to ½ the countries in the world?

Want to learn the million dollar secrets and ideas of some of Australia’s most profitable importers, and want to know how to test your product idea for less than $1000? In six weeks and less than $500, you become an expert importer with our revolutionary online learning experience. Forget paying $4k+ for training, work with experienced and qualified experts instead.


Our Secrets of Importing

We have done all the hard yards – crawled around factories all over China, inspected products and suppliers. Endless cups of tea while bargaining a better deal and sat till the sun came up building and optimising websites, so they rank at the top of Google.

Everything that you have ahead of you to convert your million dollar idea, the secrets of the importing trade, are all mapped out in an easy to follow online learning experience. Learn before you start, so the big decisions you make on products, suppliers and markets are the best ones. Then you have a personal companion for six months, to guide you through the import and launch process, step by step.


Importing Secrets – Converting your Million Dollar Idea

  1. Secrets to success – to make an average product succeed, and a great idea a very profitable one
  2. Time well spent – an all in one resource, you will be learning exactly what you need. No boring documentation and theories
  3. Start-up lean – learn how to test your product idea for less than $1000, with some products and an online store

We don’t promise you million dollar riches and piña coladas on the beach, that’s not our style. You get all the tools and insights to do the job right – from the start, from an experienced team with the qualifications and members to back it up.


Need Help with Your Secret Million Dollar Import Idea?

You don’t need to tell us your idea, just learn our way to bring any product to market – profitably. Forget paying $4k+ for hyped up training, access all the help you need right now online with the guys who are qualified to offer this advice.

What to Look for Import Export Training – take a look at what to consider, before you part with your investment.


by Ben Crawford
Got a Million Dollar Idea? Learn the Importing Secrets

My Import Label-Got a Million Dollar Idea? Learn the Importing Secrets