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Formaldehyde is a banned compound that can be found in a variety of imported products from China including clothing, caravans, wood, consumer goods, hair products and building materials, cosmetics and chemicals. 


Chinese Imports – What is Formaldehyde Used In

It is used to manufacture many products with resins, petroleum and plastics. If you have been exposed to formaldehyde, such as in clothing or blankets, it can cause skin irritation and trigger allergies, with consistent long term exposure causing serious ongoing health risks including cancer.

If you are unsure about the presence of formaldehyde in your imported products, the ACCC suggest you can should request evidence from your supplier, that your product has been tested and has less than 0.2% level.


Chinese Imports – Risks of Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a known risk when importing from China, however many manufacturers exporting from China are aware of the risk and have eliminated, or restricted use of the compound in the manufacturing process. So don’t think all products are likely to have it, it is more the exception than the norm, provided you do sufficient testing of your products (wear/usage) and laboratory testing for mandatory standard products.


Chinese Imports – How to Check for Formaldehyde?

For information about Formaldehyde and requirements to check your imported products go to:

  1. Product safety then
  2. NICNAS for more information.

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