Cost to Start and Grow an Import Export Business

We are often asked  – How much do you need to start an import business or imported product line? How long will it take?

  • Cost – its product dependent – we have seen clients start with anywhere from $5000 to $50,000+. Finding suppliers that can provide a variety of products with low minimum order quantities is critical. , with a low budget you should be prepared to everything yourself including launch to market.
  • Time – on average it can take up to six months to sample, commercial order and launch to market for ready to go products, or longer if you have a complex product or are developing a completely new product (OEM)

Our Start a Product Brand program provides you a Virtual Assistant while you set-up, so the big decisions you make on products, suppliers and markets are well informed.

In fact the cost of a single mistake will likely exceed the cost of the entire program. At just $89/month + GST – its a no brainer.


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Accessing Grants for your Import Export business

There are a variety of grants available to import export businesses in Australia to help them improve systems, access new markets or develop a technology. Of course the money does not come without conditions, and the grants are generally intended to provide small business benefits through cash flow, market development and process improvements. The key is keeping track of the grants and knowing which ones are suitable to your import export business, and are worth investing time into.

Grants are often provided to help small business grow, provide support in specific industries (clothing and textile) and access new markets.

If you decide to apply for a grant, we can help you plan your submission. For information about each grant refer to the relevant departments below.


Import Business Start-up

  • NEIS scheme – eligible job seekers can be paid while setting up an import business, and get mentoring advice and support to develop their business plan
  • New idea or innovation – if you have developed a new process or technology, and wish to partially claim research and development costs and seek grants to grow the business, check out the range of grants and funding offered by AusIndustry and Commercialisation Australia

Business Growth

  • Textile, Clothing and Footwear (TCF) grantTCF grants of up to $50,000 are offered to existing businesses in the TCF industry to improve enterprise culture. Successful applicants so far have rolled out online stores, digital and social marketing campaigns, design/pattern making systems, and work flow systems. This is a must for any existing clothing label developing an online store or making process improvements.



  • Tradex allows you to claim an exemption on GST and tariff for imported goods that are intended to be exported.  A very handy scheme that is a huge help to a small import business’ cash flow. The goods usually have to be exported within 12 months of import and can be re-exported in the same condition or included with other products and exported.
  • Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) – offers new and existing exporters reimbursement of up to 50% of approved costs they incur developing export markets (except New Zealand). So if you wish to start selling your product label overseas straight away, this is an essential grant to register for

Cost to Start and Grow an Import Export Business

My Import Label Cost to Start and Grow an Import Export Business