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Online Shopping for Clothing – Revolution in Measuring Sizing

Online shopping for clothing is about to grow even more. Target has announced an in store trial of a 3D body scanner that will measure in less than 60 seconds up to 200,000 points across your body, so clothing bought online can be checked against actual body measurements. The technology is billed at $1 million dollars and will give Target data to assess common sizes of a large number of their customers.

What it means is that customers with up to date measurements will start buying even more clothing online as they can be assured that their body measurements have been assessed against actual clothing sizes. So if you are thinking about importing clothing for an import/export business, then fashion is a good option.

How we will access Clothing Sizing Technology

For the average online clothing store it would appear that this cost is not feasible. However we bet that half of you have access to the technology to take measurements already, and we predict very soon software will be developed for use in your own home. If you have a Wii MotionPlus, Playstation 3 Move or Xbox Kinect at home, then you already have the hardware. These devices are put on top of the TV and track game player movement by detecting body points and movements.  We have been closely tracking the evolution of this and other 3D software and expect a couple of the key players to launch with affordable software for online shopping market pretty soon.

Most online stores allow you to upload sizing charts that you can edit at any time, and add international measurements, metric sizing and points for measuring.

Clothing to Fit – Importing and Selling Clothing

My Import Label A Revolution in Measuring Sizes will Increase Online Clothing Sales