Canton Fair – New Product Ideas

Upcoming event: Canton Fair – Guangzhou, China October 2012

Looking for new product ideas? The Canton Fair is China's largest import/export trade fair and boasts the widest variety of products and visitors. The event is so big, it is held twice a year in April and October and runs over 15 days (3 x 5 days).

As a new importer, here is why you should visit the Canton Fair:

  1. New product ideas
  2. Meet new suppliers
  3. Understand the requirements to produce your preferred products

My Import Label provides support on the ground at the fair to select better products and suppliers, negotiate and order products. We share our tips for getting the most from the event. 

The event is held in three phases:

Phase 1 – 15 – 19 October – Electronics & industrial products
Phase 2 – 23 – 27 October – Consumer goods, home products and gifts
Phase 3 – 31 October – 4 November – Clothing, shoes, office, recreation, health, medical and food

In Hong Kong and running alongside the Canton Fair are the following trade shows:

Import Electronics – Hong Kong Electronics Fair and ElectronicAsia 13-16 Oct 2011

Import Eco products – Eco Expo Asia – Enviro Protection 26-29 Oct 2011

Import Lighting – Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 27-30 Oct 2011

Import Building Materials – Hong Kong Building and Decoration Materials 27-29 Oct 2011

Import Sports Equipment – Sports Source Asia 27-29 Oct 2011

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