Canton Fair Dates – Guangzhou, Southern China

Make sure your trip is productive, so you can finalise products and find the best suited suppliers

  • Industrial products and Electronics (Phase 1)
  • Gifts, home products and consumer goods (Phase 2)
  • Health and medical, shoes, recreation, clothing and office goods (Phase 3)

How to get the most from your trip to Canton Fair

The Canton Fair event brings together companies from different markets across the globe that are doing business with China. If you are planning to start your own import export business or develop a new product line importing goods from China, knowing the Canton Fair dates, phases and sessions is essential.

Get Import Business and Product Ideas

If you are looking at consumer products, industrial or technologies, Canton Fair has all the latest products from exporters across China. For new importers you can develop your products idea, for existing importers you can find new products, new suppliers and keep your relationships fresh with your suppliers, without visiting the factory.

Import business coaching and training for Canton fair

My Import Label provides coaching and training for doing business in China and importing from China, including how to get the most from the Canton Fair. You can easily go yourself and float around, but knowing what to expect, how best to prepare for the trip, understanding what to watch out for and how to best approach and negotiate with suppliers will make sure your investment of time and money is well spent.

Where is the Canton Fair?

The Canton Fair is located is held in Guangzhou, in the Province of Guangdong, China. There are direct flights with China Southern Airlines from major capital cities in Australia, saving you the stopover in Singapore, Taiwan or Hong Kong. Guangzhou is a comfortable two hour train ride from Hong Kong, plus there are plenty of trade fairs that run parallel to the Canton Fair so it is well worth extending your trip to five or seven days to spend the extra time in Hong Kong.


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