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Buying China Products – Payment for Samples

When buying online from China using a trade website, do not pay via non-traceable methods such as bank transfer. Insist on paying via a traceable method such as PayPal so you have some recourse if products do not arrive or are incorrect.

We continue to hear about genuine suppliers changing prices and terms and conditions after payment is made, and occasionally suppliers that go missing and never send any goods. 


How to Buy China Based Samples

  1. Find your products and suppliers online – just learn how to select the best ones
  2. Check your products  – licences, laws, risks, clearances and costs
  3. Do your supplier background checks – verify facts, claims, clients and much more
  4. Buy samples and pay via traceable payment methods – until you are comfortable with your supplier
  5. Test your products, supplier, market and more  – before you jump into a commercial order you should have ticked off every major risk area.

Be prepared to re-sample until quality and design are up to standard, and know when to find a better product and supplier.

Learn to import from China with confidence in your supplier, and without paying large sums to a sourcing company to do what you can do yourself.

Buy China Products – Less Risk, More Profit

For help, here is a review of our import export learning program, with learning modules and tools that specifically address how to:

  1. Shortlist the best suited suppliers – how to use Alibaba guide and communicate with online suppiers
  2. Import to Australia checklist – reviewing all major permits, licences, and approvals needed
  3. A 17 point supplier checklist – the exact criteria we use to make supplier recommendations
  4. Make quick and secure payments, and low cost payments, minimising foreign exchange risk
  5. Test your product idea before you cvommitt to an order – an guide, workshop and expert coaching support

My Import Label’s import export learning program will help you become an expert importer in less than six weeks, so you can buy China products profitably with much less risk.


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 Buy China Products – Payment for Samples My Import Label

Buy China Products – Payment for Samples