Import and Launch a New Product Line

Did you know that:

  • Many exporters also import some of their components?
  • China is becoming expensive – find out where else to source from
  • Trade directories transact overseas, leaving you with little recourse if an import order goes wrong

We are qualified industry specialists that work with all sized businesses to import and launch new product lines. We deliver:

  • Custom support services tailored to your business needs
  • Training for your staff – in person and online
  • Corporate speaking and presentations

How We Import and Launch Private Label Products

1. First Develop Your Import Product Idea

You just want to know if this idea can become a profitable venture worth investing your resources into.

After completing this step you will have the skills to:

  1. Measure the risks and issues with bringing the product to market
  2. Which product? Help to decide which product will meet your goals
  3. How to set-up your new product line and take it to market

By now you will have a good idea of the feasibility of your product, and be ready to test it.

2. Test your Suppliers, Customers and Product Quality

  1. Supplier selection – choose the best supplier, from the thousands out there
  2. Can your product make money? Evaluate your product margins
  3. Know who will buy it – lets test it with customers

Now you are really charging and have the confidence to start investing the effort into developing the product.

3.Start Sampling and Develop a Product Prototype

Ordering samples is easy, it is what you do next that counts. You will effectively test products, and negotiate improvements with overseas suppliers, so the quality and appearance are up to your standard.

After completing this step, you will know how to:

  1. Better develop your product
  2. Cut the time and risk in sampling
  3. Improve the look, feel and performance

With a prototype of what you want commercially produced, decide your supplier and be ready to invest in a commercial order.

4. Protect Your Idea, Brand and Import Business

You want to know that the time and effort you have invested cannot be easily undermined by suppliers or competitors, that you can bring the product to market and have some freedom to market it far and wide.

Lets address the key areas first:

  1. Protect your design ideas and inhibit people from lifting them as their own
  2. Protect your products being counterfeited and imported illegally
  3. Inhibit suppliers from selling your product designs without your knowledge

These steps will help to reduce your risk and get better returns on your investment.

5. Now Import the Products to your Doorstep

Now is crunch time – to get your products right, to make sure the manufacturer produces to standard and to make sure you get value for money. You need experience on your side, so every step will lead to a better product.

Here is what you will know how to do:

  1. Cover your risks and prevent miscommunication issues
  2. Leverage your payment to get what you want in your order
  3. Ship and navigate import hurdles

6. Launch the Product to Market

You can now lean on our experience, where we have imported and launched product brands ourselves. After this step, you will learn to open new channels to market. Because we hate to rely on just one.

This is what you will know how to do after completing this last step:

  1. Use free and low cost tools to bring traffic and conversions
  2. Set-up for wholesale
  3. Prepare for export