Import Training Course

An online learning experience – a cloud based import export training and coaching course. Learn how to import and launch product to market from your desktop in just six weeks. Each week, you will progress to a new step and have up to 15 new learning modules to work through. Learn as you start, then have a step by step guide for six months as you go. All the skills and tools you need are right here.

Become an expert importer in just six weeks, create an account today.

Import Training and Coaching

About My Import Label Import Training and Coaching

Here is what you can achieve and why you need expert help to import and launch:

  1. Become an expert importer quickly
  2. Cut the risk of using overseas suppliers
  3. Set-up and launch profitably and quickly

Our goal is to significantly improve your capability to succeed, by improving your skills and providing you the tools to set up properly.

Why Import Training will Help to Import and Launch?

Here are three key areas you need to get up to speed quickly:

  1. Select a suitable  supplier – with specific skills and equipment to manufacture your product with high quality materials and craftsmanship
  2. Negotiate contract terms – you can negotiate major supply issues before committing to an order, covering time, MOQ, products, shipping, inspections and payment
  3. Navigate import requirements – know what you can import and why, and which products to avoid

We have imported product from all over the world, and helped clients to launch their own product labels. We have combined our year’s of hands on importing, with our networks and qualifications to give you the ultimate import learning experience from your desktop. Learn more about us

How you Learn, Your Time

Learn from your desktop

There are six steps to the program, with over 60 learning modules, software, webinars and tools. You just log in and interact.

Your time and commitment

The program is broken down into six steps, tackle one step per week. Over the six month period you have access, you tune into monthly webinars and get direct support with training and coaching from our team.

You have time to first learn what to do, then have a step by step guide and tools to make the task of setting up easier. When you go live, your online store includes continuing membership and access to the program and all updates, new learning modules and webinars.

Import Courses and Coaching – Hands on Support

Get support with webinar coaching and one on one coaching. Your location is not important so long as you have a stable broadband internet connection, and a free Skype account.

  1. Monthly webinar coaching is delivered to a group of start-ups and importers, with Q&A sessions.
  2. One on one coaching helps you with specific advice for your products and business.
  3. Online store learning with coaching and services to help you build and launch your online store.

Support and services are completely optional, and can be adapted to your needs.

How Much does Import Training Cost to to Start?

Less than $500 to complete the program, invest another $500 into product samples and go live with your online store. For $1000 you can test your product idea, then decide on proceeding to a commercial order. Your first payment unlocks Steps 1 and 2 of the program.

  1. No lump sum seminar training costs – save $4000+
  2. No sourcing agent fees and commissions – save $3000+
  3. No costly e-commerce website purchases – save $4000+

No dream selling, no lock in contracts. Our lean start-up approach allows you to invest in product to get faster returns on investment, and avoid the lump sum costs that drain your initial investment.

About Import Training

How you Can Start our Import Training

  1. Shortlist up to three products, profile your ideal customer and rough starting quantities.
  2. Launch an account, your first payment will unlock Steps 1 and 2 (26 modules).
  3. Start learning. Then use the program as a guide while you are setting up, importing and launching.

Your goal as a lean start-up is to cut risks and costs, develop your market then progress to larger scale production. You can do that with a low cost training program.

How the Import Training Program will help you

  1. Proven processes – the program is based on successful procedures we have used to set-up imported products brands, and the feedback and techniques used by dozens of clients
  2. Maximum learning benefit – the program is developed with the assistance of a qualified teaching professional, so the time you invest is invested wisely
  3. Live and updated trends – training and webinars are updated monthly with new tips, industry trends and insights from our network of clients and partners
  4. Expertise – our team have 10-15 years verifiable experience in each service that we provide, you’re learning is based on hundreds of clients we have either set-up directly or supported to succeed
  5. Insightful and professional – our team is expertly qualified in every learning area we provide. Avoid DIY experts with no verifiable experience and big promises

Check out member feedback here

What to Look for with Import Courses and Training

  1. Return on investment – how quickly can you recover a $2000-$5000 lump sum cost, before you even begin.
  2. Broad expertise – look for a specialist international trade adviser, with verifiable experience and qualifications.
  3. Credibility – we have set-up a range of imported products brands for clients and mapped the process with learning and software.

We are qualified and experienced international trade advisers. You get a credible learning program based on our experience, we do not sell dreams.

Create your account today, and get your new product line into action.

Deciding between Import Training Providers?

Here is what to look for


“I had already started importing. Now I am half way through and it has been worth every cent! There is so much valuable content and it’s straight to the point. I feel fortunate to have found MIL.


You have done an excellent job in helping me source/prepare & start up my small (import) business. I would not have been able to do any of this if I had not had your services and help with all the things involved in this process.


With the help of My Import Label I have been able turn my dream beachwear line into a reality.If you are looking at starting your own import business, then I would start with My Import Label today.


If I was to take this seriously I would need some serious help otherwise my idea would just stay as an idea. I recommend My Import Label to anyone in business needing help or wanting to start a business importing products



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